Agility at the heart of your SEO strategy

Our Edge technology allows marketing teams to be autonomous and agile to deploy 100% of their SEO roadmap. Adopt a unique "Test & Learn" approach: quickly test and validate the impact of your technical optimizations, and keep pace with Google updates to stay in the race for the top position!

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Today 🥵

You have ambitious SEO strategies but you lack resources and time. Moreover, your CMS does not allow you to easily intervene to modify your code.

You deploy 30% of your roadmap and compensate with SEA whose prices soar.

The SEO of tomorrow 🤩

You use the EdgeSEO, you become agile and autonomous to deploy your strategies! You implement a "Test & Learn" approach to crack Google.

You deploy 100% of your roadmap and you control your SEA budgets.
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The features you were missing!

Correct your HTML tags, add content, modify links, manage your redirects, your mesh and your precious robot.txt file... without waiting for the technical teams to be available to do it, and without fighting with your CMS! Test, measure, adapt, repeat and finally crack Google's algo!

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