Agility at the heart of your SEO strategy

Our Edge technology allows marketing teams to be autonomous and agile to deploy 100% of their SEO roadmap. Adopt a unique "Test & Learn" approach: quickly test and validate the impact of your technical optimizations, and keep pace with Google updates to stay in the race for the top position!

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Accelerate & innovate

Deploy 100% of your roadmap autonomously in just a few days. Lack of IT resources, technical limitations of your CMS... You'll never be slowed down again when it comes to deploying your SEO recommendations.

Experiment & iterate

Set up a "Test & Learn" approach: your research laboratory for outperforming your competitors, topping the SERPs and adapting quickly after a Google update.

Maximize ROI

Increase your SEO ROI fivefold by unleashing the creative and strategic potential of your consultants. Agility and velocity will be the new engines of your growth to shine on Google.

The features you were missing!

Correct your HTML tags, add content, modify links, manage your redirects, your mesh and your precious robot.txt file... without waiting for the technical teams to be available to do it, and without fighting with your CMS! Test, measure, adapt, repeat and finally crack Google's algo!

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"A real solution that enables our SEO teams to remove the obstacles to the implementation of their recommendations at our customers' sites, and to fully leverage their expertise through their results.
With EdgeSEO, we can rapidly deploy our SEO roadmap without involving our customers' IT teams or dev agencies.
We have also developed a "Test & Learn" approach to validate the ROI of our actions. This method enables us to finely justify the business impact of each of our recos, so that we can push for their "hard" implementation on our customers' sites."

Benoit Rousseau
Head of SEO - Performics
Sebastien Bulte - Head of SEO Resoneo

"It's frustrating to identify areas for SEO optimization and then be blocked by a lack of resources or by technical choices that aren't SEO-friendly. Fasterize's Edge SEO solution is the perfect answer to this problem. We've been able to test it out with one of our biggest customers, and the results are clear: SEO tickets are finally unstacked, marketing teams are back in control of the site, and SEO impacts are visible. We particularly appreciate the availability and responsiveness of the Fasterize teams to pass on their skills and move projects forward, with results to show for it!"

Sebastien Bulte
Head of SEO - Resoneo
David Groult - Head of SEO Noiise

"When you're an SEO consultant, especially for large corporations, there's nothing more frustrating than proposing recos that take months or even years to implement (when they don't end up in the garbage can...). The EdgeSEO solution helps us to gain in agility and performance. By implementing optimizations in POC (Proof of Concept) mode, the results come more quickly, and then help us greatly to enhance the return on investment of our recos. It also helps us to prioritize SEO developments in our IT roadmaps.

David Groult
Head of SEO - Noiise

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