SEO forecasting and EdgeSEO: converting forecasts into revenue


The SEO profession is a fascinating one. Not a week goes by without an evolution in Google's algorithms. And with the arrival of the #SGE, it's not going to slow down. Against this backdrop, SEO forecasting is emerging as an indispensable tool for marketing managers who need to manage their roadmap with data.

It not only predicts the performance of an SEO strategy, but also transforms it into tangible business results. By converting your traffic estimate into a business estimate, you can take your SEO into a new dimension!

A dimension in which your revenue-generating recos need to be deployed as soon as possible.

This is where EdgeSEO comes in, offering a solution that allows SEO teams to deploy their roadmaps autonomously and finally overcome the lack of IT bandwidth and the technical limitations of your CMS.

Let's take a closer look at SEO forecasting combined with EdgeSEO.

1. The crucial role of SEO Forecasting

SEO forecasting is a complex and nuanced discipline that goes far beyond keyword analysis or ranking tracking. It relies on sophisticated predictive models to anticipate market trends, identify growth opportunities, and assess the potential impact of SEO strategies on traffic and conversions. This practice requires an in-depth understanding of search algorithms and user behavior, enabling us to accurately predict future results.

SEO forecasting has the advantage of :

  1. estimate the potential impact of keywords on your traffic and SEO campaigns on your traffic to determine the best investment.
  2. prioritize resources to deploy the recos that will bring the most business value.
  3. set realistic objectives with your customers or management.
  4. detect emerging trends and potentially lucrative niches.
  5. plan content development based on anticipated trends and user search intentions.
  6. but above all, to estimate the additional revenue that will be generated by SEO over the next few months, taking into account all the above elements.

Disclaimer: in this article we won't go into the specific methods of carrying out an SEO forecast. Many experts have done so and will continue to do so far better than we have.

Here is a list of articles we recommend:

  • "What Is Search Forecasting And Why Is It Important?" on Search Engine Journal
  • "How to Create an SEO Forecast [Template Included]" published by Moz
  • "How to Estimate Your Organic Traffic Potential for SEO" on SEMRush
  • "SEO Forecasting With 1st and 3rd Party Data & Competitor Forecasts" on Ahrefs
  • "The baseline problem in SEO forecasting" by Kevin Indig
  • "SEO Forecasting: how to (properly) use AI to predict traffic and visibility" published by Neper

On the other hand, we will see here how forecast SEO allied to EdgeSEO technology can be a vector of additional business and give a new dimension to your in-house SEO.

2. SEO Forecasting: the ally of your revenues

SEO Forecasting allows you to obtain a forecast traffic curve, which is already an important and particularly difficult step.

But it would be a shame to stop there. As we said before, forecasting is an opportunity to give your SEO a new dimension. How do you do this? By converting your forecasted traffic into revenue. You shift the focus from "traffic gains" to revenue generated by SEO.

2.1 Converting your estimated traffic into revenue

You've done the hard part: you've got a reliable estimate of the increase in traffic for the coming year. Now it's down to the last mile to demonstrate the business potential of your work: translating this traffic estimate into revenue.

The calculation is simple:

  • Calculate the number of transactions generated by SEO:
    average conversion rate x your estimated total traffic for the coming year
  • Calculate revenues generated by SEO:
    average basket x number of transactions

If you wish to determine only the incremental revenue generated by SEO over the coming year, replace your traffic estimate with your incremental traffic estimate in your calculations above.

2.2 Determining the return on investment (ROI) of your SEO :

To go even further, you can determine the ROI of your actions using this calculation:

(revenue generated - cost of your SEO actions) / cost of your SEO actions
*developments, external services, tooling, time spent, etc.

From this point on, your monthly traffic potential will no longer be abstract to your hierarchy/customer: it can mean additional revenues of several thousand euros.

In addition, calculating ROI will enable you to demonstrate how SEO amplifies benefits in relation to expenses. In this way, you demonstrate the full value of your work; and who says value, says budget and above all prioritization.‍

3. How EdgeSEO boosts your forecasted income

Before getting to the heart of the matter, let's talk about a particularly significant obstacle facing many SEO teams: the speed with which SEO optimizations are deployed.

3.1 The main obstacle to deploying SEO recommendations

Deploying an SEO recommendation can be quite an adventure! The journey can be fraught with pitfalls. Among them:

  • Lack of IT resources/bandwidth in 43% of cases
  • Difficulty in proving project ROI in 29% of cases (the SEO forecast will be of great help here).
  • CMS technical limitations in 12% of cases

SEO tickets in releases often represent a small percentage. Whether for good or bad reasons, the result is the same: in more than 50% of cases, an SEO reco takes several weeks or even months to be deployed, which in turn delays position gains.

This is where the EdgeSEO concept comes in.

3.2 What is EdgeSEO?

The term "Edge SEO" was introduced by Dan Taylor, head of technical SEO at SALT agency, at the TechSEO Boost conference in 2018. This approach relies on a CDN that enables code execution directly on its servers. A CDN is a set of servers distributed around the world, facilitating the rapid distribution of content to users, wherever they may be.

In practice, this offers the possibility of implementing code directly on the CDN, making it possible to modify the source code of a web page before it is presented to the user or analyzed by Google's indexing robot. In this way, page source code can be modified and technically optimized for SEO purposes.

Now that you're clear on the concept, you need to be able to exploit it.

At Fasterize, we've put our tried and tested (and approved) engine to work for you.

more than 10 years of Edge SEO!

From your EdgeSEO dashboard, you can configure your SEO recommendations in just a few clicks: choose your rule, set it up and deploy it in just a few clicks.

As an SEO expert, you can take back control of your business and deploy :

  • HTML tag correction
  • Content injection
  • An updated robots.txt file
  • Optimizing internal links
  • The only limit is your expertise and imagination!

One of the major challenges in SEO is agility in implementing recommended optimizations. EdgeSEO stands out here for its ability to accelerate this process. By enabling SEO experts to deploy numerous recommendations quickly, simply and autonomously, without having to prioritize them in the IT backlog, EdgeSEO not only puts agility back at the heart of SEOs' day-to-day work (and thus gains in reactivity/adaptability to Core Update), but also maximizes the business gains generated by new traffic.

3.3 How can EdgeSEO impact your SEO forecasting and revenues?

Let's take a concrete example: a company wants to improve its positioning on strategic keywords, and to do so has defined a set of recommendations that take an average of 3 months to implement. The results of these optimizations (position gains, additional qualified traffic) won't be seen for 3 months.

And even then, Google will have to take your changes into account quickly, and your recommendations will have to enable you to achieve the desired results. If not, you'll simply have lost 3 months.

Now imagine that these optimizations are deployed via EdgeSEO, in just a few minutes, instead of the 3 months previously mentioned. You'll be able to see the results of your optimizations much more quickly.

If the results are convincing: you'll have a direct, positive impact on the results predicted by the SEO forecast. EdgeSEO will have transformed your forecast, significantly increasing visibility and traffic faster than expected.

If your optimizations don't produce the desired results, you won't have wasted 3 months, and you can continue to iterate to improve your strategy.

The link between SEO forecasting and business data is crucial. When a company is able to convert traffic forecasts into revenue estimates, it can better justify investment in SEO and make this somewhat mysterious science a little more tangible. SEO experts must therefore be able to communicate this value to decision-makers, based on solid predictive data and demonstrating how rapid optimizations, facilitated by EdgeSEO, can positively influence the bottom line.

By adopting SEO forecasting and EdgeSEO, SEO experts don't just keep pace; they anticipate the game and unleash the full potential of their optimizations.

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Emilie, dynamic CMO at Fasterize, combines over 12 years of communications and marketing expertise to decipher customers' SEO & UX complexities. Driven by her curiosity, here she shares her discoveries as well as product developments at EdgeSEO.

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