How Edge technology helps you boost your SEO traffic

Kai Wenzel

Increase your SEO traffic

Content, internal linking, HTML markup, loading speed and structured data... you give everything to apply good SEO practices, and Google still doesn't return your love for neat work.

On the technical side, the teams do their best, but they don't have time to deal with all the requests, and often postpone them "to the next production launch" (= Greek calendars).
Your CMS is a very convenient base to manage and distribute your content, but it doesn't allow you to apply all the good SEO practices.

You end up waiting for updates with apprehension, because you know you won't be able to adapt quickly.

To avoid losing visibility and market share, you spent "a crazy amount of money" on SEA, but with the increase of CPC, compensating for SEO objectives with paid search is becoming less and less sustainable.

Overcome all these frustrations, take back control of your SEO strategy, and aim for the top of the SERP with EdgeSEO!

EdgeSEO, the solution you were missing to implement 100% of your roadmap

We have developed this solution. It's called "EdgeSEO". It is based on our expertise in modifying code in the cloud to optimize the speed of page loading. A SaaS that we have been developing for 10 years and which is used by the major players in e-commerce: Celio, Conforama, Rakuten...

With the " EdgeSEO ", you will be autonomous and agile to deploy your SEO roadmap . No more resource problems or CMS limitations that block the deployment of your actions. You will also be able to put at the heart of your daily life the "Test & Learn" approach to crack the Google algorithm. Correcting HTML tags, adding content, modifying links, you will have at your disposal all the tools to industrialize your strategies. The icing on the cake is that you'll know in the blink of an eye when Google has crawled your pages. An essential information to measure the impact of your changes.

No need to feed the SEA machine, this approach allows you to capitalize on a sustainable traffic over time.

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Curious, creative and enthusiastic, Romain fought for a few years in the "Employment" SERPs. SEO is above all a sector he is passionate about! Product manager, he participates in the development of the EdgeSEO product at Fasterize ⚡️.

Agility at the heart of your SEO strategy

Our Edge technology allows marketing teams to be autonomous and agile to deploy 100% of their SEO roadmap. Adopt an unprecedented "Test & Learn" approach to quickly adapt to Google's numerous updates and your competitors' strategies.

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