Features to support you on a daily basis

We provide you with the tools to manage your SEO strategy in an agile way. In a few clicks you can set your robots.txt, correct your HTML tags, add content to your pages...

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Correct your HTML tags like a dev
Simply correct the HTML code for all the content of your pages, even when the title is in a tag deep in a part of the code you don't have access to.
Make your content strategy shine
Load a CSV file with the URLs and corresponding texts, define where the content should be integrated, and you're done! No need to go through hundreds or even thousands of pages of your site to optimize their content for Google.
Deploy your redirects by the second
Upload a simple CSV file with the redirection code and we'll take care of the rest. Regex are welcome, just press the button, you are on the highway!
Control your robots.txt intelligently
In a few clicks, add rules to indicate which pages to crawl or not. Updating the robots.txt file has never been so easy.
Optimize your link building
Obfuscate your links in a few moments, without coding! Consolidate your internal linkage, and guide Google to crawl only the links related to the contents of the page.
Improve site indexing in JS
Your site is developed with a JS framework? Not always easy for SEO... This feature caches an HTML version of the pages to serve them to Google's robot. No more indexability problems because of JS!
Leverage the power of
Enrich your results on the search page, make your selection among all the existing and indicate the values to retrieve on the page. No need to wait for the technical teams to have the availability for the snippets to be really rich.