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Photo: Mikhail Nilov on Pexels
Photo: Mikhail Nilov on Pexels
Mikhail Nilov

Since presenting the roadmap to your customer, how many Google updates have you seen? Quite a lot, isn't it? And in the meantime, you've created numerous tickets... which have most certainly been left on stand-by... Much to your customer's dismay, who can't see the expected results!

And yet, in the world of SEO, the fluidity of exchanges and the speed with which reco's are implemented are essential. The customer has the know-how, and the SEO agency's role is to make it known*. And the success of one is directly linked to the success of the other. On the one hand, customers want to be visible in search results to maximize ROI on the SEO channel. Agencies, on the other hand, depend directly on their clients' results to build their reputation and secure their place in a highly competitive ecosystem!

So, to win the race for the top spot, a key question arises: how do you rapidly deploy your SEO recommendations with your customers to demonstrate the value (ROI) they will bring?

This is the major challenge faced by a large number of agencies. If you work in one, you know exactly what we're talking about here. So, in order to understand, but above all to provide you with a viable and effective solution for rapidly delivering value to your customers, let's go back to where it all began...

Customer seeks SEO agency: the beginnings of a beautiful story

The meeting between an SEO agency and a customer usually follows a scenario that gets off to a promising start. Initially, discussions are held to ensure that both parties are aligned. Once the agency has understood the customer's issues, it highlights its know-how. The aim is to show that it has the resources to meet the customer's requirements: SEO roadmap, site audit, choice of the best strategies...

As an agency, you deploy a tailor-made arsenal for your customers. And you prepare the famous JIRA tickets for the customer.

But, as in every story, twists and turns and obstacles are never far away!

Obstacles to deploying SEO tickets

Despite the excellent start to your collaboration, you make one observation during the first review: the tickets are not very well deployed! And when they are, it's only partially. You realize that only 30% of your tickets are implemented. What's more, with your customer, sprint after sprint, SEO tickets are de-prioritized... to the benefit of other, ever more important tickets.

As a direct consequence, ROI isn't there!

At the same time, frustration sets in for both your customer and the SEO consultant. Even though everyone has done their best, your customer's technical team is overwhelmed. So, even though they've received the SEO tickets, they haven't been processed.

And then what you dreaded most happened: the client was disappointed and switched to another agency. After all, she wasn't able to demonstrate the value of her work!

Fortunately, we have a solution so that you never have to go through this again with your customers.

Bulk SEO, the fast way to implement SEO audit recommendations

Among EdgeSEO's many features, there's one that lets you deploy your recommendations to quickly apply the fundamentals of SEO to your customers. Using a csv file, filled in by yourself, you can correct these fundamentals in just a few clicks. In this file, each column corresponds to each SEO rule, e.g. :

  • <url> ;
  • <title> ;
  • <metadescription> ;
  • <canonical> ;
  • <meta robot> ;
  • <hn location> <hn> ;
  • <hreflang pays> <hreflang URL> ;
  • <content html location> <content> : cette balise vous permet d’ajouter aussi bien des blocs de liens pour travailler le maillage interne et des textes SEO pour Google.
  • <> ;
  • <opengraphe> ;
  • <twittercard> ;
  • <balise switcher> ;
  • <obfuscation>;
  • <remove content>.

Once the file is complete, all you have to do is upload it to our solution! And the magic will happen: for each completed line, our solution applies the rule to the URLs you've entered in the file. And of course, you can update the file simply by adding new lines.

Thanks to this new functionality, agencies are in better control and can quickly deliver value to their customers, without risk. As you can see, EdgeSEO is a partner solution for agencies, designed to make their work easier.

And on the customer side, you'll no longer have to worry about your tickets being deprioritized in the SEO roadmap! Their pages will finally be optimized for robots, and they'll be able to see the results in their Google Search Console.

EdgeSEO is just that: a partner solution for agencies, designed to make their work easier. To find out more about BulkSEO, request a demo of this feature! And to be the first to know when it's released, subscribe to our newsletter.

P.S.: In addition to the BulkSEO functionality, we also have other features that might appeal to you: robots.txt control, redirection set-up, URL rewriting. But more than that, EdgeSEO is the tool that will facilitate your Test & Learn process with your customers!

And you can always (re)discover the EdgeSEO concept, in print or on video.

*: this quote is not ours, but if you (re)know the author, we'd be delighted to mention it!

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